Winter Wishes by Regina Morris


Winter Wishes

By Regina Morris

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Samuel needs a holiday miracle. The Vampire Council is after him, he's falling in love with his best friend's mother-in-law, and there's artwork hanging on the wall that was stolen by the Nazis. Life is spiraling out of control for this Jewish vampire as he spends the Christmas holiday baking cookies and wrapping gifts for the needy. Louise is busy with her charities and hosting her annual Christmas party. Putting a smile on her face proves difficult when her soon-to-be ex-husband arrives with a bimbo on his arm, her proposed divorce settlement is far from fair, and the sexy stranger she’s starting to fall for believes she’s a Nazi.

Author Regina Morris

Regina Morris is an accomplished author of sensual paranormal and contemporary romances. She is a self-published author with over a dozen titles that have an average Amazon score of 4.5. She won first place in the Houston Writers Guild's annual romance contest and Passionate Ink’s Sexy Scribblers Award. Four of her novels have been Amazon category Top 100 Best Sellers. She loves to read and write about romances with true love, sexual tension, and happily ever afters.

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