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All Women Are Whores


Jezebelya Orobas

The new generation feminist knows that intelligence is the greatest female power, and sexuality comes second.
And yet, society has stolen both of those powers from women, rendering them helpless damsels in distress. But now women have a way of empowering not only themselves, but other women in order to accomplish real social change.
This book will tell you how to:
– Fight female exploitation in the fashion & cosmetics industry.
– Avoid the pitfalls of the unattainable image of beauty.
– Enjoy the best sex you’ll ever have.
– Become more successful than any man in the world of business.
– Establish the new empire of female leadership.
– Be the woman you were born to be!
Yes, all women are whores. At least, that’s what the media would have you believe. In order for all woman to stop being whores, some drastic changes need to be made. First, internally, by making peace with and unconditionally loving themselves. Then, by coming together in small groups of non-whores, as a group who trust and love one another and are committed to improving the community. Lastly, real social change is only attainable when these like-minded communities of non-whores join together with a shared goal.
In this book we will explore those changes, what they might looks like, and how to put them into action. We will look at the cause of female whorishness and illusions perpetrated by whores like the media, government, and religion which are used to oppress women so that they will remain whores.

Jezebelya Orobas

Jezebelya Orobas is an author and ex-fashion model who founded and build her on modeling agency by the age of 21. Today she is an artist, media blogger, traveler and observer. She puts a lot of focus on scientific research and the psychological influence of media and advertisement.
She is working with financial astrology and astrocartography to help people improve their investments and business decisions. Jezebelya Orobas lives in Monaco and is of American/German Origin. She is plans on traveling around the world to embrace femininity and combine it with a new, modern form of feminism.

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