What’s The Meaning of This?

By Andrew Stuart

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What's The Meaning of This? A Short Book on Purpose! Is a short book written by Andrew Stuart. It is a book that answers many important questions. The first question is the title. What's the meaning of this? Is a question we ask ourselves when we want to understand something. In this book you will gain some understanding. You'll gain some understanding regarding, purpose and the meaning of it concerning your life. Your life purpose is what gives meaning to each day you live. Each day you live adds to the time of your life. And in this book you will learn how to value your time and make each day, and the time of your life count.

Author Andrew Stuart

Andrew Stuart wrote and had his first book published when he was 12 years old. A lady came to his school to teach right brain writing. She liked one of his stories and published it. As the years went on he forgot about his childhood passion. In the year 2020 he thought the world was going to end and returned to writing.

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