Volonians: Mysteries of the Vondercrat

By Christopher F. Edwards Jr

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Book #1 in the Best-Selling Young Adult- Teen Fantasy Series… Volonians

A golden planet made of stunning witches and warlocks

Two mischievous young teens

Supernatural powers

Sorcery and Secrets

Dark and forbidden Spells

Evil and Sadistic Villains

A mothers love and her fight to protect her children.

Varah stands fixed in the middle of the room. Her long, flowing hair begins to rise from her head, its golden streak glowing. Following the rise of her hair, her entire body ascends in a vertical lift, feet slowly leaving the floor, higher and higher as she recites the spell, "VAMBULA AMIRE VONNACIO VOUD. YOU WERE ONCE HIDDEN BUT NOW YOU HAVE BEEN FOUND! VASIAGO ADU ANADA ADER. ANCIENT BOOK OF VOLONIA PLEASE COME HERE!" Immediately, a fiery red and yellow portal begins to form, circling counter-clockwise and growing larger with each rotation. The ground begins to shake, books fall from shelves, walls crack and gust of winds blow through the windowless room, shuddering everything in the place… Varah is completely entranced a golden glow surrounds her. All of a sudden, she falls to the floor. Broc and Shenzara rush toward her, and begin to carefully but forcefully shake their mother trying desperately to awaken her…

Author Christopher F. Edwards Jr

Christopher F. Edwards Jr. and Carlos O. Hardy are the authors of the young adult fantasy/ science-fiction book series Volonians: Mysteries of The Vondercrat. If you are looking for science-fiction/fantasy books filled with action and adventure like Hunger Games and Divergent, or fantasy books with epic magic, mystery and suspense like the classics Harry Potter Series and Lord of the Rings, then you will enjoy reading this series.

The magic filled fantasy world's resemble that of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. The likable characters make you feel as if you are in a fairy tale. They are similar to e-books classics like Percy Jackson, Twilight, and the urban magical Beautiful Creatures. The dark evil villains in this urban thriller make you want to root for the heroes of this epic action and adventure filled story. This fantasy and science-fiction book series is recommended for everyone; teens, children, young adults, men, women, mothers, and fathers will fall in love with the Volonian story.

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