Vile Hunger by Kelly Wilcox


Vile Hunger

By Kelly Wilcox

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Martin Zall was the kind of guy who just couldn't catch a break. But, a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger, leaves him in possession of a necklace—a necklace that contains an obscene power. And with that power at his fingertips, Martin Zall gains completely mastery of the flesh. But succumbing to his own lusts and desires will soon release the beast lurking deep inside of him, and unlock his Vile Hunger!

Author Kelly Wilcox

Hello, my name is Kelly Wilcox, and I enjoy writing smut. I'm quite proud of my erotic novel, Vile Hunger, and I hope you enjoy it as well. Don't  have time to read? You can now purchase the audiobook/ebook bundle from my payhip store for the low price of $5. Listen to all the depravity on the go. Link is in the description below. Thank you.

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