Upside Down, Inside Public Education: The Real Truth for a Change

By Wayne B. Simeone

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"Upside Down, Inside Public Education: The Real Truth for a Change" is a candid and uncensored account describing the crisis in public education over the past many years and today, that is happening in plain sight and only gets worse as each year passes. In a semi-career autobiographical fashion, the author and his wife, as a contributor, who both spent nearly four decades each in public education in a "laundry list" of roles and settings, exposes the "unsavory underbelly" of the upside down" world of our public schools. The book highlights the misguided, unethical, Machiavellian and even lawless behaviors that maintain our present crumbling educational system by the self-serving administrative "powers that be" and agenda driven politicians, all at the expense of commonsense and appropriate solutions. Sadly, collective teacher complicity and a "sheep-like" comportment style have normalized all of this. The author's goal is to raise heightened public awareness, promote self-reflection and challenge our so-called "leaders" at the federal, state and local levels, to address this "mess" in a sane, just and effective manner – and do it yesterday.

Author Wayne B. Simeone

Wayne B. Simeone holds a B.S. degree in Social Science and Education, an M.S. degree in Guidance and Counseling and a C.A.G.S degree in School Psychology. He was certified as a Social Studies Teacher 7-12, a Guidance Counselor K-12, a School Psychologist K-12 and a School Adjustment Counselor K-12. Over a 37 year career, of which 33 years were in public education and 4 years in private education, he has worked in "Regular Education", "Special Education" and the "Support Services". He was employed in 3 Northeast states, held 9 different positions in 7 different public schools within 5 public school systems. Specifically, he taught Middle and High School Social Studies, was a High School Guidance Counselor, worked as a TEAM Chairperson in Special Education and was a Clinician in a psycho-educational residential school. Finally, he also spent time as a "Union (i.e. Association) Building Representative insuring contract compliance and safe working conditions.

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