Top 10 Books That Inspired Me To Become A Writer

Top 10 Books That Inspired Me To Become A Writer

by Shashank Mutneja

We are into the 4th industrial revolution. If you want to live a good social life, family life, professional life so you need to rethink your goals, redesign your goals, rebuild your lives not just for the betterment of your own-kind but for the betterment of society at large.

From my experience, No man is perfect and that no man includes me and I also

Put your “i” to a little lower level and you will be in a position to accept the best of thoughts from all directions to shape your thinking. Bill Gates , the richest man on this earth has written his autobiography named “Business @ the Speed of Thought''. This is the top 10 book in my list that inspired me. He writes in his book how he had become the self-made richest person on this planet.

He writes that the secret of my success is the culmination of three things:
1. Determination
2. Intense hard work
3. Acceptance of the ideas of others

The person who is my idol is Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and his book which inspired me is "Ignited Minds". This book is ninth in my list. He writes in his book Ignited Minds “In 80 years of my living, I learned one Principal that is Simple Living”. Simple Living is the best form of free life full of freedom, full of righteousness and full of realization. Simple living itself is high thinking, they are not separate, they are the same thing. Only a person who has gone beyond a certain level of big thinking has the power to live simply. Simple Living needs a tremendous amount of Mental Power. Top 500 Personalities decided by the United Nations as the best 500 People who walked upon this earth ever, none of them have ever worn any branded clothes or branded shoes in their life. Because we don’t have high thinking, we need branded clothes, branded shoes to show ourselves.

The book which stood Eighth in my list is "Hints for Self Culture". Lala Haradayal who plays a big role in the freedom movement of India says in his book Hints for Self Culture that there are two Obstacles and Obstructions to Mental Self-Culture :
1. Money-Minded
2. Ignorance to Mental Self-Culture

The above two obstacles to mental self-culture can be removed from life if you have big thinking which is very important to understand as this is the fuel through which your life is going to take off to the sky.

Dr. Bernie Seigel has written a very beautiful book “Peace, Love, and Healing”. This is the seventh book in my list. In this book, he has exemplified many stories where beyond medical science by love, peace, meditation and prayers healing has been faster and better. He presented all these papers on prime time American TV.

There is a book titled “SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE- The Ultimate Intelligence” co-authored by Dr. Ean Marshall and Dr. Danah Zohar. This is the 6th best book in my list. In this book, they have surveyed more than 3000 successful people not just in business but successful as a father, as a husband or as a wife, as a mother, as a brother and a sister, as a neighbor, as a relative, as a friend, successful in all walks of life and roles that a normal human being plays in his life. The person who has spiritual intelligence stands out from the people who have IQs high or even IQs+EQs high. They listed out 8 important aspects. Try to read this ultimate book.

There is a famous book that remains a best seller in the New York Times for 64 weeks which is itself a world record and this is fifth in my list. The title of this book is “The Top Five Regrets of Dying” by Bronnie Ware who was an Australian nurse and took care of critically ill patients. She used to ask her patients who are going to die within 2-3 weeks “What do you cherish and what do you regret?”. From an ordinary Carpenter to a CEO to a family business owner. She wrote a book that made her a millionaire and says that “about 1000 patients responded to me and these five regrets are common in their life”.

The man who inspired me the most is Mahatma Gandhi and his book Sarvodaya is fourth in my list. He says that the first important quality one should have in his/her life is Truth. He says that the Truth should be the center point of all your qualities. Truth should be life. Other Qualities will automatically build within you if you develop this one quality.

Now, the third favorite book of mine is "Attitude is Everything". A great thinker and a management guru of America Jeff Keller wrote the book Attitude is Everything. I would suggest reading this book, especially youngsters who are in their family businesses or their professionals.

I want to describe the three-phase from this book that is –
1. Success begins in the head so think right.
2. Your words decide your personality and character so speak wisely.
3. Your Actions produce results so act purposefully.

So, Attitude is Everything in life whether the resources you have are less or more, it counts less, what count more is the type of attitude you possess with people, with circumstances, with happenings, and with work.

The second most favorite book in my list is "Mini Habits". Stephen Guise in his book Mini Habits says that “saying ‘stupid small’ clarifies it because if a step sounds stupid relative to the most you can do, it’s perfect.” Taking a stupid small step creates an effect called “Zeigarnik Effect”. This effect states that people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks. Once a task is started we feel compelled to complete it. The reason for being lazy is that we fear and doubt the completion of the work we started. So get rid of “Fear of Failure”.

The number one book in my list is “Giving 2.0”. In this book, the author asks that “If God has given you a 4th meal, it is your humble duty to part some portion of it to one who needs it.” Give something, not necessarily the money but time, resources and you will enjoy it.

Shashank Mutneja

Born in Uttarakhand, India, in 1995, Shashank Mutneja completed his graduation in 2018 and is currently an UAV Engineer & Trainer at Drone Application & Research Centre (DARC), Dehradun. Along with a Trainer, he is an Entrepreneur and doing two businesses together.
Shashank used to help his father in his business. Besides that, Shashank like to travel. Shashank is also a Podcaster and have multiple podcasts on life, inspiration and health.


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