To Argue With Oblivion

By Anthony Wright

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“Fifteen operations, two radio therapies, a week in a coma and a month in a wheelchair.
He died once was crippled, brain damaged and nearly blinded.
He was seemingly broken beyond repair or redemption and desperately wanted his life back
But is it possible to defeat oblivion?”
This is an inspiring story of unrelenting hope, empowerment and personal responsibility.

Author Anthony Wright

It was 2005 and I desperately wanted my life back. Due to surgical complications I was comprehensively demolished, seemingly broken beyond repair or redemption.
I have first-hand experience of health setbacks – a series of operations for a Brain tumour left me comatose, Brain damaged and unable to walk. Along the way I was nearly blinded, died once and lost most of my hearing.

There were 15 operations in all and I was left in a wheelchair seemingly now permanently disabled; missing key nerves from the Brain. I was left unable to walk, with slowed dyslexic speech. I had minor brain damage with cognitive capacity reduced by 30 years. My face collapsed one side and I could no longer hear at all on one side. I freely admit I was pushed to the brink of extinction by the injuries and at times doubted my own sanity.

I set out on a journey of recovery – it took two years to walk and another five to run. There were many disabilities to overcome, physical, mental and emotional. Key to the recovery process was a combined `Mind and Body` approach which creates a situation where there is always an ongoing recovery activity. The concept is: “That the mind helps the body and the body helps the mind” – effectively every cell in the body is actively engaged in the recovery process. This creates a natural irresistible force for repair and personal growth. I can now walk ten miles or run two lift weights or play golf; I now run my own company as an international speaker, a trainer and a writer. I am well – my speed of speech is up by a third and the dyslexia now repaired

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