Through My Eyes A Peek into the Heart of God

By Alesia Payne

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Through My Eyes a Peek into the Heart of God is a Christian Self-help motivational and inspirational poetry book. It was written for readers of all ages to have the ability to take a peek into the heart of God and stand on the promises he has for you. For everyone faces difficulties and the trenches of life that tend to bring us down. However, there is hope and through this uniquely structured Christian poetry book you will take a peek into the promises of God and know that through all that you go through you can stand on his word. Thus, take a walk with me as you journey in Through My Eyes a Peek into the Heart of God, for it is filled with inspirational and empowering poems and Biblical scriptures. As you read through each poem you will encounter the love that God has waiting for you to overflow from his heart into your life.

Author Alesia Payne

Alesia Payne is a writer, an Air Force wife, and a stay-at-home mom. She currently resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia but was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She holds an associate degree in criminal justice, a Bachelor of Science in human resources, and is currently working toward her Master of Science in psychology with a concentration in forensic psychology. Her interests range from reading fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry, and self-help to competing in bodybuilding competitions to traveling and writing, especially on rainy days. As a survivor of sexual assault, she has chosen to take a stand and empower others around her. After facing many trials in her life, her path led her to seek out the love of God. And it is that love that became the impetus for her all-inspiring and powerful self-help Christian poetry book. Embedded in the pages of this book, you will find poetry that will inspire you to start seeking God in ways you never have before and scriptures that will lead you and guide you along the way.

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