The Waiter

The Waiter

by Keld Torstensen

Hello I'm an amateur writer and I just published my first book called 'The Waiter'. An inspiration to write was my personal problems and 10 years of professional experience when I was working in different restaurants across the UK. Everything is mixed with a certain amount of fiction, drama and dark sense of humour.
Currently I'm dying to gather some reviews for my book. If you would be so kind to give your attention to my creation by reading and reviewing it I'd be much appreciated. The book is available on Amazon and Goodreads – please put your reviews there.
I'm looking forward to your feedback. The book and cover is attached in the email.
Kind regards Keld Torstensen

Keld Torstensen

Keld Torstensen is a graduate of Journalism. After studies he has
been working in the hospitality industry in England for 10 years.
His professional and personal experiences become the inspiration
for his novel ‘The Waiter’.


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