The Universe in 3/4 Time

By Leona Francombe

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When a WWII piano emerges from the mist one winter’s night, who could have imagined what mysteries it would unlock? From the damp cobbles of old Brussels to a Black Forest refuge…from Prague’s ghostly lanes to a hut high in the Pyrenees…Join three struggling musicians as they head off across Europe to discover the truth about the piano, a dangerous quest that illuminates not only the fate of the instrument’s elusive owner, but also lost secrets of their art that date to the time of Pythagoras. THE UNIVERSE IN 3/4 TIME is a novel of historical intrigue, ancient wisdom, and a great love forged by war and music.

Author Leona Francombe

Pianist, author and composer Leona Francombe is of English and Czech heritage and grew up in the United States. She studied at Yale School of Music, the Hochschule für Musik in Vienna, the Banff Centre, and Bryn Mawr College. Her writings and piano compositions explore similar themes: journeys; mysteries; ancient places; light; enchantment…She is the author of many essays and short stories, as well as the novels "The Sage of Waterloo" and "Madame Ernestine und die Entdeckung der Liebe". An encounter she had with an abandoned piano under the night sky was the inspiration for "The Universe in 3/4 Time". Leona lives in Belgium with her family.

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