The Secret of Azuron

By J.R. Kearney

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In a small fishing village in the south of Ruun, eleven-year-old Landau discovers a long lost artifact that will change his life forever.
When all creatures of myth begin to reveal themselves to him, Jema the knight is tasked to safeguard him to the wizard leaders of the Capital to find an answer to why these demons pursue him.
What they discover will lead young Landau on a perilous journey across Heldorn to battle the greatest evil the land has ever known.

Author J.R. Kearney

J.R.Kearney has worked in retail for over twenty years. That's bad.
J.R.Kearney has also been writing the Sword Empire Series for fifteen of those years, and hopefully more if people enjoy it. That's good.
J.R.Kearney loves music, anything from a Van Halen guitar solo to a disney showtune. Music is just as inspiring as words.
J.R.Kearney lives in Sydney, Australia … alone.
J.R.Kearney doesn't usually talk in the third-person.
J.R.Kearney wishes to thank everyone for reading his book(s) and promises the day won't come when he says something offensive on social media.

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