The Invasion of Evil King COVID-19: Baby and the Pandemic: Who Stole My World?


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When Alira is born, the world is in the grip of the evil king COVID-19. She does not emerge into the beautiful world her mother had described to her while she was in the womb. Instead, Alira sees a world of fear, despair, and helplessness. She hears words like social-distancing, quarantine, lockdown, and face mask instead of flowers, trees, children, and animals. No one comes to visit her; no one brings her flowers and gifts.
Meanwhile, the world is paralyzed by the rising numbers of infections and deaths caused by the sinister virus. Around 35 million people have fallen victim to it, and over a million are dead. Scientists have, so far, not found medicine to treat the sick. Nor have they succeeded in developing a vaccine to prevent infections when she was born.
Alira represents the 385,000 babies who shared her birthday. She is among the 104 million babies born in 2020 up to September. Will the 2.1 billion children born during the last fifteen years become a ‘lost generation’? Or will the virus be eradicated, allowing humanity to resume their everyday lives?
Not simply a work of imagination, this book contains information vital for an understanding of the current and perhaps future pandemics, through the eyes of a newborn child, Alira.

Author ALIRA

B Nair is a former CEO and entrepreneur. He wrote 'The Invasion of Evil King Covid-19' on behalf of his granddaughter ALIRA who was born at the height of Covid spread. His other books are ‘Vision 10 Mission 90’, ‘Shakespeare on a Train’ and ‘A Mysterious Investment’. Alira lives in Sydney, Australia, with her parents and brother.

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