The Intergalactic Space-buggy Diary or an Unexpected Series of Events

By Jimmy Solo

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The work is a short story; the first item in the "The Future Travels of Hran." This is a dark-comedy SF adventure in the far future. The hero says: "I tell you how I bought my space buggy, and my adventures with it. How I updated it and reached other galaxies. Finally, how I got to the Horse-head Nebula in my space buggy… And how I stayed there!"

Author Jimmy Solo

This author loved to roam the world with his trusted backpack. USA, Europe, North-Africa and Asia was visited. He never wanted to be a superhero, he just wanted to survive, in which he was successful. He had many small adventures and saw lots of weird events, so he had lots of stories to tell.

By 2021, he had written 10+ full length books, and more than a dozen short works, both fiction and nonfiction. Then, finally, he decided it would be good to show people what he can do.

Taking advice, he starts with some short works, to introduce himself to the readers. Full books will be published later. When he must to tell about his writing, he is totally wrapped around the word "funny." – As you can read on the author webpage.

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