The Ghostly Visitation: A Sycamore Grove Paranormal Cozy Mystery

By Miranda Rose Barker

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Tales of Ghosts, Crimes, and the Paranormal: The Ghostly Visitation
A Sycamore Grove Ghostly Cozy Mystery

“Excuse me. Can we help you?” I wonder if she forgot to tell me someone else was helping us. The man looks up at me, shocked, while Maddie looks at me like I have three heads.

“Who are you talking to?” Her head whips around, clearly not seeing what I’m seeing.

Great. It’s official. I’m losing my mind. “Please tell me you can see him.” I point in the man’s direction at the man who’s still staring at me.

“You see me?” he asks, standing.

“Stay right there. Don’t move a muscle!”

“Eden, you’re kind of freaking me out. I don’t see anyone. We’re the only two back here.”

When Eden Kyle, an artist and tarot reader, moves to Sycamore Grove to help her niece develop a new store as a business, she starts seeing and hearing ghosts in the building where she is visiting. She soon has an encounter with the spirit of a recently murdered man who had been staying at the local B and B.

Eden gets pulled into figuring out who killed him.

Will she be able to uncover the disturbing secrets surrounding his death?

Miranda Rose Barker brilliantly combines engaging storytelling and nail-biting intrigue into a fascinating story. Fans of ghost cozy mystery fiction novels and amateur women sleuths will love The Ghostly Visitation, the first book in this exciting cozy mystery series that will captivate readers from the very first page.

And fans of the author's Tansy & Hank Pet Psychic Cozy Mystery Series will be delighted to visit again with some old friends from those books – and make some new friends – in this current series.

Author Miranda Rose Barker

Miranda Rose Barker has enjoyed the company of dogs from the age of 7. She only later discovered the rewarding world of dog rescues in her mid-30’s and since then, has lived with eight rescue dogs, including large and small mixed breeds from German shepherds and doodle dogs to some purebreds (schnauzers and other terriers).

A lifelong writer, she began writing fiction in 2000 and has loved bringing rescue dogs and their humans together in her books for years. She also enjoys walking and reading books about dogs as well as cozy mysteries.

Miranda Rose lives in southern California where she is often out looking for the next rescue pup to add to her pack (or a friend's pack).

Check out more of Miranda Rose Barker’s latest titles in her clean dog lovers' rescue romance books, very human dog lover stories, and more.

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