The Duke’s Perfect Kiss: A 4-Book Regency Romance Box Set

By by Abigail Haversham

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1. The Duke's Perfect Kiss. Lady Vanessa is being courted by a handsome Duke, but something about their romance seems slightly off. Will his kiss tell her if he's the love of her life, or does a new romantic interest hold the key?

2. The Precocious Parrot. A lovely lady acquires an exotic parrot as a pet…little does she know that the rambunctious bird will hold the key to her choice between a pair of dashing Dukes!

3. The Business of Love. Lady Cynthia is engaged to the handsome, wealthy Duke of Holdenshire, and she's anxiously awaiting their wedding. But will the duke's risky decision to gamble part of his fortune on the Stock Exchange threaten their romance as well as their impending marriage?

4. The Duke Becomes a Horseman. The Duke of Barrington is a sophisticated, urbane gentleman who falls in love with a woman who fancies horses and riding. Will a conflict over her interest in all things equine tear them apart when her passion for horses interferes with her love of the duke?

Author Abigail Haversham

Abigail Haversham has written over a half-dozen Amazon #1 Bestsellers in Historical Christian Romance.

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