The Adversity Success Principles

By Guy Francois

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In Adversity Success Principles, this successful real estate investor shares his own remarkable story and prescribes 12 success principles for transforming your life by using adversity to your advantage. Focusing on the 12 areas of life that every successful individual practice – unlearn negative habits, develop clear imagination, practice undying faith in self and others, love for self and others, forgiveness, investing in non-forma.l education, build strong mental foundation, Guy identifies the framework upon which all successes is built The Adversity Success Principles offers provocative principles, actionable plans, and real-life case studies and teaches everyone what must be done to attract success in our work, our relationships, our finances, and achieve off-the-chart happiness in life. 

Author Guy Francois

Guy Francois is recognized as one of leading real estate investors, motivational speaker, and success coach. Guy speaks professionally on how to turn adversity into advantage, as well on how to build wealth through real estate. More importantly, Guy is a father and a husband.

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