Tales from the Rift

By Bruce Levine

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n the far future, when interstellar travel and trade with alien races is commonplace, will they still tell ghost stories? In Tales from the Rift, Colson Metter, a human trader and seven aliens are led by a shape shifting bartender in a contest relating tales of the supernatural for the prize of prizes. As each contestant tells stories set in their own alien societies, Metter hunts for a way to cheat the competition. For to him this is more than a contest: losing could mean his life!
Tales from the Rift is a comic and thrilling exploration of the hopes, fears and aspirations of the denizens of the far flung galaxy but most of all it’s a fun quirky read.

Author Bruce Levine

Bruce S Levine is a retired veterinarian living in Southern California. He lives with his wife Joan and serves as co-minion to their pets.

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