Spring of Fire by JW Robitaille


Spring of Fire

By JW Robitaille

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A town threatened with extremist violence. One woman is tasked with defusing the threat. Can she uncover the truth before her town explodes in violence?
Sgt. Cory Marin wants to bask in the glow of her pregnancy, but when an extremist preacher threatens to burn the Koran and books of the devil, national attention falls on her peaceful college town. Racing to avoid an international incident, she uncovers a second threat, a more dangerous leader with plans for a rally that will draw like-minded people from around the country. With extremists staging protests to grab national headlines, Cory races against time to uncover the leak on her team and defuse tensions before her town becomes another Charlottesville.
Spring of Fire is the fifth book in the Cory Marin Mystery series. If you like strong female characters and stories ripped from the headlines, then you’ll love JW Robitaille’s page-turner, Spring of Fire.

Author JW Robitaille

JW Robitaille writes the Cory Marin Mystery series, which features a strong female detective with a complicated love life and a diverse group of friends. In addition to writing, Julie enjoys painting, cooking, gardening, walking, house restoration, and travel. She lives in Gainesville, Florida, the setting of all her fiction. She received degrees in English from Emory University, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and the University of Florida.

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