By Sigal Adler

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What a happy anytime story in teaching your child patience which yelling, screaming and having a tantrum will get them no where…Ilustrations are bright, colorful and adorable especially the snail..It rhymes perfectly to the end which made my niece giggle..Rhyming has shown to help with speech patterns..At this developmental stage they haven't learn the word or meaning of patience yet and want everything now..This book teaches that having a tantrum will get no one to listen to you and you may lose friends……

So it definitely shows good things comes to those who wait…..The snail mailman stood up to the monster king when he was yelling, stomping his feet and scaring everyone…Will the forrest monster king learn his lesson……

Author Sigal Adler

Sigal Adler is an Israeli children's author with a refreshing, rhythmic writing style.
The combination of catchy rhymes spiced with humor and an ethical
message appeals to the hearts of children.
Originally published in Hebrew, Sigal's books quickly became
best-sellers in Israel. She has recently begun translating her work into
English so as to reach and delight a new audience.

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