Sheltered: When a Boy Becomes a Legend

By Jacob Paul Patchen

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America is at war on its own soil. James must decide to hide in his father's bunker or step out into the ashy air to fight back for what he believes in: Integrity, Compassion, and Freedom.

Author Jacob Paul Patchen

Jacob Paul Patchen is a multi-award-winning author and poet of various genres and age groups. He writes children's, teen, young adult, and adult fiction. His books often reflect on real-life experiences, examine what makes us who we are, and instill goodness. For Jacob, every book has a purpose. Patchen earns his inspiration through experience, where he writes about the things that built him: Love, Family, War, and Learning things the hard way. A former Marine and combat veteran, Jacob graduated from Muskingum University, where he studied Creative Writing. Jacob is a member of IPBA, MWSA, and has books published by TouchPoint Press, Black Rose Writing, and Adelaide Books. Currently, he continues to sharpen his craft while working at Muskingum University. Jacob’s most recent books include: Sheltered: When a Boy Becomes a Legend (TouchPoint Press, 2021), Words That Matter: Family Book 1 of 10 (TouchPoint Press, 2021), At Daddy’s Hands: Courage Knows No Age (3x award-winner, Black Rose Writing, 2019), Of Love and War (Adelaide Books, 2018).

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