Scam A-Lama HardballL A Funny Noir Rock Star Ripoff: (A Funny Scam Book 2)

By Jinx James

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Jump into the sleazy side of Show Business and laugh out loud at the crazy plot twists in the fast-paced dark comedy crime novel.
All Rock Star Marc Charles has to do to reboot his career is to sign a big, new album contract. But there’s a catch …isn’t there always? He has to record a really shitty song as part of the deal.
Marc and his kid Jasper manage to rejig it into what eventually sounds like a hit. But then the crap hits the blender. First it’s the Taxman. Then a half-witted secret agent from ICAC, the corruption watchdog. Plus problems with Marc’s’s hunky-junkie producer, a crass Shock Jock, groupies, wannabes, some nice and nasty Bosnians, high stakes on the internet, and Marc’s usual bedroom antics. He’s fallen head-over-hocks for Sam, the PR Princess. The album almost gets canned, but finally, against all odds, he finishes it. This is Marc’s last shot at hitting it big again, winning Sam’s heart and making it home to Rock Valhalla. What could possibly go wrong?
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Author Jinx James

I was born in England and came Down Under with my parents in the Seventies. I currently live in wine country in regional Australia with my wife and two dogs. Before that I lived in Sydney when I was working in advertising and writing comedy for TV. I used to collect guitars. Now I collect wine.
In the early days, I used to have a job where I’d spend weeks away from home with spare time on my hands – so I started to write for my own amusement. I’ve always had a wicked sense of humour, and anything oddball, quirky or absurd really appealed to me, especially comedy and crime wrapped up with Classic Rock and Soul, and even the odd murder. I call it Noir Ha-Ha.
I hope we’re on the same wavelength.

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