Robin’s Return

By Nick Bennett

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"Robin's Return," is the first book in the 'Tales from Sherbourne Forest' series.

The evil Lord Sherbane (booo, hiss) is reborn into a world of magic and adventure when his spirit is set free after 200 years of solitary confinement. Fortunately, Robin Hood returns close on his heels, ready to thwart Sherbane's power hungry plans.

We will explore that tale (as it is fundamental to the plot), but let’s start by learning about a group of Merrie Minstrels who join Robin's band. Their generally ridiculous adventures take them across the county, encountering humour in some very unusual places.

Containing a plethora of puns, a cross-dressing knight and the strangest collection of nature loving priests you may ever encounter, this book is certain to bring a smile to your face, but whether you groan more than laugh waits to be seen.

Author Nick Bennett

Nick lives in Nottinghamshire, England, home of the legendary outlaw Robin Hood.
He believes a good story has action, adventure and most importantly a healthy dose of humour.

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