Princess of Wind and Sea

By Cassandra Finnerty

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The year is 1773.
It's a race across the globe as Aisling and the prince travel on a series of secret missions.
From the shores of Asia to the wilds of western Ireland, a chase ensues as dark forces seek to destroy them both.
Aisling's magical powers are increasing, but their enemies lurk around every corner.
The prince must protect her at all costs, as they fight for survival and abiding love.

Author Cassandra Finnerty

Cassandra is the author of action-adventure, fantasy and romance.
She loves to create bold, untamed and endearing characters who struggle to overcome their flaws.

Her fondness for western Ireland – with its rugged shores, hidden caves and wind- swept cliffs — inspired many settings in the Princess of Nature Series.
Cassandra enjoys writing about mystical powers, lush landscapes and stormy seas.

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