The Pilot of San Lorenzo

By Sergio Palombini

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Rome, 1958. The American tourist James Morris arrives in the city, apparently for a simple vacation. During his stay, he meets and become friend with John Salina, responsible of the Tour Operator, and Gemma, archaeologist and tour guide girl, suffering with health troubles due to shocks received during her childhood: Gemma is a survivor of the bombing of Rome in July 1943.
John is unable to understand the aims and intentions which make the American traveller visit Rome focussing on very particular city areas, but when James flies back to U.S.A., he is sincerely sad for his American friend’s departure.
Many years later, John receives a letter from a Notary office located in a mountain resort, with the invitation to go there to get important news and communications. It is the starting point of a series of incredible discoverings that will take him in a lonely monastry, to reach unexpected revelations dating back to the far days of world war 2.

Author Sergio Palombini

Sergio Palombini was born in Rome in 1938, in the popular neighborhood of San Lorenzo. He was employed for many years as Tour Operator, Travel Agent, and Hotel Manager, and is now retired. As a child he was a direct witness to the bombing of Rome on July 1943. His first book “Tempo di Guerra e dintorni”, a record of his memories, was published in the Italian language by House Aletti in 2012. This is his first English novel.

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