Order of Succession

By Alaina Stanford

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As the second in line for the throne of Chelyana, Kaelyn grew up sheltered from the harsh reality of the impending galactic war. Then one day, Chelyana's attacked by a hostile race determined to devour the planet. Suddenly the fate of her people lies in Kaelyn's hands. She races across the galaxy in a small starfighter, toward the only man powerful enough to save her people, her fiancé, Chord.
With mysterious warriors close on her heels, she fights to stay alive long enough to save her planet. There’s only one problem, Kaelyn's pilot, Rein is the love of her life…

Author Alaina Stanford

Alaina lives a stone's throw from the Mississippi River in Missouri. Her first story was published in the local newspaper at age 6. She hasn't stopped writing since. Royal Duty is a new type of series. Each book is a different genre- Science Fiction, Historical Romance, Fantasy, etc. They all share a central theme of a royal heir struggling against their obligations to the throne.

In the end, Alaina writes about how friendship and love can be the only thing keeping you alive long enough to defeat your demons. You will find Alaina's stories exciting and steamy, but she's not an erotic author. Her characters still fall in love and have sex, it's just not that obvious.

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