Noa, the Space Girl (Volume 1)

By Alex Man

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“High high to the sky, Noa really wants to fly… Daddy Daddy, push me higher. Push me higher to the moon”.
That’s how Noa’s moon adventure begins, where the difference between dreams and reality, which is sometimes not that clear.
The story opens a door to a new and exciting adventure. In this story, which is full of imagination, you will join Noa for her adventure in space. Are there any aliens? Is the moon made out of cheese? These are a few examples of some of the questions that you will find the answer to in her adventure.
You are welcome to read this story to young kids and ask them about their dreams. Share some magic moments before bedtime, and have a chance to enrich their imagination. Everyone can use their imagination and create new stories, this way you can have a few more magical moments before the day ends.
For kids in kindergarten and the first grades, this book can serve as a fun book for beginners.
So if you want to enjoy a lovely rhymed well-illustrated book, this is the book that you are looking for.

Author Alex Man

Alex Man is an illustrator, comics and story book writer. Alex wrote high rated children's books, created "How to draw" book series for kids, illustrated numerous coloring books for adults and kids alike, and the list goes on.
Alex uses various illustration techniques, both digital and hand drawn. Including water color, black ink, and colored pencils.
Alex's five wonderful kids make his world rich with imagination, stories and games. He truly sees the world through the curious eyes of the kids.

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