Never Say Never

By Abiegail Rose

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Regina O’Brien’s got the sassiest mouth, I’ve ever heard on a woman.
She’s also gorgeous, feisty, & smart.
Too bad she only wants to be friends with benefits.

Benefits that come with rules…
Rule #1: Non-disclosure
Rule #2: Don’t fall in love

But I have a rule of my own…
Rule #3: 24/7 access.

Maybe with enough time I can show Regina; some rules are meant to be broken.

Author Abiegail Rose

Abiegail Rose is a writer, singer, and motivational speaker. When she isn't enjoying the country life with her family, you can find her face first in her computer writing or podcasting about relationships, situationships, friendships, and kinships– "the ships that can sink you or take you where you need to be!" She loves filling in the black and white lines of life with dramatic colors, and she is always ready to interact with her readers and listeners.

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