Natasha’s Ukraine

By Rob Ottesen

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"Natasha's Ukraine" tells the story of a revolution, and how the events of 2014 affected the citizens of Ukraine. Natasha and her brother, Alexander, are struggling to survive in an impoverished country that offers little hope for the future. Natasha decides to leave her family behind to build a better future in the United States, while her brother chooses to fight for the country he loves. Their paths lead them in different directions and they are affected by the war in different ways, as they discover the truth about themselves and the world around them.

Author Rob Ottesen

Rob Ottesen is a resident of Florida and works in the financial industry. His hobbies include writing, painting, and travel. After visiting Ukraine, Rob became fascinated by the political, social, and economic realities of that country, so he decided to write a fictional novel about a Ukrainian family living through the chaotic events of the 2014 revolution. He hopes this story will help readers better understand Ukraine and the challenges faced by its people.

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