Midnight Sleeper, Book 1

By Raeder Lomax

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Plunge, head-on, into 1920s Jazz Age Prohibition and the death defying liquor wars deep inside the concrete canyons of Manhattan’s speakeasies and trains that roar up and down the eastern seaboard and all the way to Chicago. The Midnight Sleeper Series continues on to the cutthroat rumrunners and jam-packed liquor steamships that battle for control off of New York’s coastline . The series then savagely leaps into the crazy world of Berlin’s 1920s cabarets that simmer in feverish flesh and deadly politics where evil is struck like a match and then burns deeply into the night. Come aboard for the ride of your life, but make sure to hold on as tightly as you can!

Author Raeder Lomax

The author has held jobs in many countries and continents. He has taught hunter-jumper equation, sailed boats, and then turned to writing as a measure against time.

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