Meal Makeover Boot Camp: How to Stop Dieting, Create Healthy Meal Plans, and Learn to Love Eating Again

By Mirley Guerra Graf

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Are you confused about how to put a healthy meal together?
Are you tired of dieting? Are you overwhelmed when creating meal plans? Do you want to love eating again?

The Meal-Makeover Boot Camp focuses on improving each meal and create simple healthy habits. When you put into practice the simple tweaks I suggest into your meal, you will have more energy, be healthier and love food.

You will learn in this book that food is not the enemy.

Julia Child one said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” Eating good foods is part of a fulfilled life.

Meal Makeover Boot Camp teaches you how to LOVE food and eat healthy.

Author Mirley Guerra Graf

Mirley Guerra Graf is a health and confidence life coach who supports women of all ages who need help with simplifying their lives, boost their wellness, and cultivate their confidence so they achieve a higher level of personal wellness, laugh without fear, live with strength and dignity, and speak words of wisdom and kindness.

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