Loving The Missing Link

By Julia Asel Thomas

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Cheryl is a small town girl, just trying to fit in, but her mother has bigger plans for her. She wants her to become a famous musician. After her mother pushes her too far, Cheryl escapes into the arms of her high school boyfriend and drops out of high school.

The two get married and move to a college town, where Cheryl begins the voyage to adulthood. Will the couple stay together? Will Cheryl ever return to music? Only time will tell.

Author Julia

I fell in love with writing at the age of 12. Writing and journaling became a habit. During a creative writing course at Wichita State University, I penned what later became the first two chapters of Loving the Missing Link. After years of focusing on survival and family needs, I began copywriting for a living. It was then that I became involved with writing fiction again. In 2012, I completed my novel, fulfilling a long-time dream. I live in Kansas City, Missouri.

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