Love Online

By Rose Fox

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Can love be found online?
Is Ashley Maston about to make a serious mistake?
Ashley Maston is the mother of two children and wife to Jacob. She should be happy, she should have everything in life that she ever dreamed of. But she’s bored. She’s fed up with household chores and sacrificing everything for her family, and tired of her mind-numbing daily routine.
Looking to add interest to her marriage and put a little excitement back into her life, she makes the decision to go online. Not really believing that she will find something which will alleviate the monotony of her existence, Ashley is suddenly stunned to find what seems to be the man of her dreams, rugged and handsome.
But as she takes a gamble and speeds towards a meeting with her mystery stranger, her husband contacts her on her phone. He’s concerned about her and doesn’t know where she is.
Ashley is suddenly confused. She should be heading for an exciting date with a perfect man, but this could destroy her plans before she can see them through.
Will she return home to her family?
Can love really be found online? Or is this just a stupid dream?

Author Rose Fox

Growing up, Rose Fox was always an imaginative and lively girl. Even way back then, she dreamed about the events in her novels, and was lucky enough to remember and write them down when she grew up.
She began writing after many long and eventful years.
After marrying Eitan, a professional soldier, she lived with him on a big farm, in an agricultural village, raising their four sons.
Throughout her years on the farm, she studied part-time at a teacher's seminary, and eventually became a teacher. Later on, during her teaching career, she continued her studies to eventually earn a Ph.D. in Human Behavior at the New Port University.
Rose began using her writing talent to compose special stories for her young students as an audience, stories which were composed of the few letters that she had already managed to teach them. During her years teaching, she wrote many stories for herself between marking exams.
All this continued for many years until, finally, her desire to publish those stories erupted… blossoming into the novel you now hold before you.

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