Longevity, Book 1: Revelation

By John Irvin

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The death of the old and familiar brings the new path of a life-altering revelation. When his wife is murdered, Ihon Iraes is forced to find his destiny in the world of men. His revelation is a new form he takes on accident the night he finds her body. What is this monstrous creature that he has become?

Hunting down the killer, he discovers he is not alone. He's part of an ancient Race of creatures that walk like men with the heads and pelts of enormous wolves.

The Wolf-Born Race, divinely-touched children of the seventh son of Japheth, the son of Noah, are a Race unknown to human kind. Their claimed duties, under their supreme Law, the Ancient Creed, are to protect mankind against the powers of evil.

They also have a City hidden in the shadows of the Scottish Highlands–Sanguiatro, City of the Dark Bloods. For thousands of years it has held the secret of the Wolf-Borns' existence within the Black Keep.

Ihon is initiated into the official administration under the Supreme Council, swearing his allegiance to the Ancient Creed, and after many years is finally sent on his first mission: to execute a Rogue Wolf-Born masquerading as an opponent in the Third Crusade.

Finding his true identity, Ihon finds a new family and a new purpose.

Author John Irvin

Born in Oklahoma, raised in Eastern Europe, John Irvin now lives in Florida. He enjoys writing speculative fiction–fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal. In his life, he has visited at least 20 various countries of the world and considers this a blessing as it has helped shape his worldview. He enjoys spending time with friends and family, enjoying nature, and reading every book in his growing personal library.

"One of my lifetime goals," John declares. "Is to build a personal library of at least 4,000 volumes."

Having gained his Bachelor's Degree in Humanities, John went on to work in several different fields before he realized, it was writing that did it for him. He's been writing since 2004. Writing at least 10 books during high school, he never dreamed he'd be pursuing a full-time career as an author.

"I'd always imagined I'd be too busy for writing once college came along and life afterward," John remarks. "But back in 2016, a friend asked what I wanted to be doing in five years. Did I want to slave away at some dead-end job?" He always smiles with his response, "I decided, No. I wanted to be a writer."

Recently, John picked up his pen for Amazon Kindle and is pumping more ebooks as the months pass by.

If you would like to contact or follow on social media, he can be found on Twitter (@irvinnovelist76) and the same on Facebook.

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