Kingston Raine and the Grim Reaper

By Jackson Lear

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The Grim Reaper finds himself confronted with his most challenging death ever: that of Kingston Raine, an industrial thief and all-round smartass. The problem is, Kingston is completely fictional and has no place in the human afterlife. Word of his arrival spreads and sinister powers in the afterlife see this fictional death as a flagrant disregard of the laws governing the universe. Kingston’s mere existence kicks off the start of a coup destined to strip the Grim Reaper of all his powers in Limbo. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Kingston isn’t the sort to sit around and let others determine his fate.

Author Jackson Lear

Jackson Lear grew up around the world and has developed a bizarre accent that can sometimes be described as mostly Irish, a fair whack of English, and a hint of American. None of that is remotely handy for someone who lives in Australia. He’s more often than not awake at 2am, has a habit of buying more books than he can ever read, and he is the author of four Kingston Raine books.

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