How Shadowchaser Got His Name by Debbie Regan Cleveland


How Shadowchaser Got His Name

By Debbie Regan Cleveland

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Sam thinks his new stuffed animal – a life-like cat – is special and should have a special name – But what? Sam's pesky little brother causes trouble along the way before this special cat earns his name by chasing shadows out of Sam's bedroom with help from Sam's Dad.

This whimsical children's picture book that tells how a life-like stuffed cat earns his name by chasing shadows out of his little boy's room. Charming original watercolor illustrations depict a young boy, his impish little brother, and his creative parents in this story about dealing with nighttime fears in a fun, creative way.

Author Debbie Regan Cleveland

Debbie Regan Cleveland is a retired non-profit Executive Director, blogger, author, free-lance writer, volunteer, historian, and collector of vintage photos and ephemera. More importantly, she is the mother/mother-in-law of two wonderful sets of parents, and grandmother of four fantastic grandchildren. She is also the wife of a wise and creative grandfather.

Aemilia Ann Desy is a twenty five year old freelance artist who uses various mediums including colored pencils, pastel chalk, various paints acrylic, oil and watercolor of which Shadowchaser was illustrated with. She lives in Texas and does freelance work specializing in animal and food illustrations. Aemilia started collaborating with the author while interning for her at the Independent Association of Framingham State Alumni while a student at Framingham State University (FSU), Framingham, MA. This book is a product of two FSU graduates.

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