His To Lose: Hell’s Minions MC Book 3

By Shay Michaelson

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What did she do to him?
Some people say Ruger is an unapologetic player, a user of women. They say it like it’s
a bad thing. He could care less. He was the enforcer for the Hell’s Minions MC. He liked
to ride, drink and sex it up with any woman willing to put out. It wasn’t his fault that
women threw themselves at him. If they were offering and easy on the eyes, who was
he to tell them no. He didn’t set out to break hearts, but it had happened a time or two.
He never promised any of them forever. Hell, half the time he didn’t even promise a
whole night. He did promise that they would have a good time.
Lately, though, he found himself wondering what it would feel like to wake up with the
same woman in his bed every morning. It seems to be working for his friends Blue and
Gray but the women they found are not your average women. They were the kind that
were few and far between. If it wasn’t for that night with Josie, he wouldn’t be thinking
such crazy things and it pissed him off. He liked his life just fine. Or he thought he did.
Why did she have to make him question it?
What was she thinking?
Josie was happy with her life, if not completely satisfied. She loved her job as a
bartender, loved her college classes, except for one, and was close to graduating. She
was counting the days. She’d worked so hard to earn her degree that she’d sacrificed
her personal life. Specifically, in the romance department. She couldn’t even remember
the last good date she’d been on or the last time she’d had sex.
Speaking of sex…she spots one of the brothers from the Hell’s Minions MC come into
her bar. Ruger. The one starring in all her naughty fantasies. She often entertained the
idea of giving in to his charms while she was doing a favor for the club but seeing the
way he went through women kept her from going there.
She knows she’s nothing more than a challenge to him. She’s the one that turned him
down. His ego can’t allow that, so he’s been hanging around, wanting to do things as
“friends”. One night during a game of Truth or Dare and a bottle of whisky, she thinks,
what the heck? What could it hurt to take Ruger up on his offer of one night of down and

dirty sex to escape the mess her life has become? She knows in the morning when
she’s sober and thinking clearly, she’ll look back on this moment with regret. And, boy,
does she regret it.
Ruger knows he should be happy. He got what he wanted. He got his one night with
Josie and it was time to move on. He has no doubts that with little effort he could have
her and the life he never knew he wanted. It’s all there for the taking. But before he can
figure out what it is that he want’s, another swoops in and tries to take her away. That’s
when he realizes she’s His to Lose.

Author Shay Michaelson

A nurse by day and an erotic romance writer by night, I find time where I can to put the
stories constantly spinning in my head on paper.
For as long as I can remember, I have loved to read books and romance has always
been my favorite. The dynamic between two people has always fascinated me. Who are
these people? How did they meet? What is it that made them decide this is the one for
me? I love creating these characters and shaping their worlds and I love seeing where
they end up.

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