High Season: The Learnings of Mohammad Wang

By Chazzy Patel

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Mohammed Wang lives an idyllic and relatively uneventful life. Lounging in the sun on one of Mexico’s premiere beaches and drinking the night away has left him as the posterboy of carefree living. So it is all the more troubling when he learns a terrifying and alarming truth from his therapist and closest friends—he isn’t Mohammed Wang.
Beaten and left for dead in Isla Mujeres, Charles King disappeared into the recesses of his own mind after dedicating his life to uncovering the lost treasure that is rumored to be buried somewhere nearby. Now identifying as Mohammed Wang, Charles’ memory of the treasure—or even his own identity—are lost to those who remember Charles and deeply miss him. Encouraged to explore his lost memories and the events of his past, Mohammed struggles to come to terms with his split identity. Torn between the man he knows and the man he truly is, Mohammed must make a difficult choice: remain the ghost of a missing man or unlock the secrets of Charles King’s life.
Uncertain and afraid, Mohammed must unwittingly answer the call of the missing Charles King and aid him in his quest to locate the missing gold as well as the truth behind the fateful attack that split the man in two…

Author Chazzy Patel

Chazzy Patel was born in Crawley, England and mastered not listening to his parents. True to his nature, he became an American circus runaway in the 90's at the age of 15 for four years working with elephants (mostly influenced by Catcher in the Rye).

In 2004, he finished serving in the U.S Army in the medical field, only to become a professional photographer with a flair for disobedience and talent in fashion. He was also the first person to travel all seven continents by flipping a coin at most transportation hubs for directions to random destinations. Chazzy has also attempted to start the largest backpacker motorcycle gang on the planet named after George Michael’s 80s hit Careless Whisper by riding a bike around the world in a year and is enthusiastically excited that he'll still do it some day. For the time being, he spends his time split living as an eco-friendly pirate on an island named Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and Denver, CO, where he competes in National Beard Contests and plotting his next colorful attempt to scare the shit out of loved ones. Space and hiking have become his new obsessions.

“Some very strange friends, lessons and stories out there in the world! I got some good ones,” he reported on his return from burying a treasure next to an active volcano in Latin America. He has written three outstanding books and two collections of photo essays; a team of experts is presently attempting to grasp their meanings before they're in your hands. “This is going to piss a lot of people off! ” said the chief expert George.

Chazzy just shrugged: “I piss people off often. Let's publish this baby!"

Chazzy is also a great teller of stories and experiences— but not all are true, for instance, many in these books. This is fiction. He has the deepest kindness for those who inspire him to love and write, but in many expert's opinions, they all belong in the same crazy world. In his head creating these books.

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