Heads or Tails You’re Gone

By William Joel

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A former commander of the Navy’s SEAL team two, Clyde Hayden, is new commander of the elite homicide division of the Phoenix Police Department. Clyde is happily married until his best friend, a Phoenix police officer, is murdered while responding to a domestic violence call. Clyde’s wife, Jeannie, has had enough, scared that Clyde will die on duty as well. She knows Clyde cannot leave his job and divorces him. Jessica, Clyde’s ex-fiancé when he was in the Navy, shows up shortly after Clyde’s marriage is on the rocks. Jessica ended the engagement after her father is murdered and she inherited a large sum of money. Jessica reaches out to Clyde for help against her abusive husband but doesn’t want to accept Clyde’s advice. Jessica kills her husband after finding him in bed with his mistress and then frames Clyde for the murder. During this upheaval a notorious serial killer, the Slasher, is wreaking havoc on the city murdering prostitutes and terrifying Phoenix’s female residents. The Slasher is Jessica’s stepbrother and his motivations for murder are revenge against Jessica for rejecting him as her lover and to discredit Clyde Hayden. The Slasher murders Clyde’s wife after he is beginning to reunite with her and his children. In the end, Hayden and Sharon, the brilliant and strong-willed female attorney who defends Jessica in the murder trial, overcome the Slasher. This psychological crime thriller is unique in its depiction law enforcement and the criminal trial proceedings against Jessica for the murder of her husband.

Author William Joel

I am a U.S. Air Force veteran who served at the end of the Vietnam war. The Air Force found that I had a talent for languages, so they sent me to language school. I served as a linguist for a section of military intelligence and spent several years at the National Security Agency (NSA) with a top-secret clearance. On leaving the Air Force I joined the state police. I was recruited to be a hostage/crisis negotiator and trained by FBI hostage negotiators in criminal and abnormal psychology, criminal profiling, and in the techniques used to “talk down” a hostage taker or someone barricaded with the intent to commit suicide. It turned out that I had a natural talent for it and never lost anyone. I retired from hostage negotiation after getting an advanced degree in psychology and began my second career as a mental health therapist. I worked with sex offenders, administered psychological testing for social security disability and worked at a drug and alcohol rehab facility. I currently am a trauma therapist. I use EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) and hypnotherapy to help my patients with their PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) symptoms as well as depression and anxiety. I wrote my first novel in the mid-nineties but found I needed to learn more of how to express my creative imagination eloquently with descriptive and believable character depiction, dialogue, storyline, and background. I love the idea of providing readers with entertainment and an escape into a different realm of their imagination with my writing. I continue to enjoy reading immensely and my favorites are mystery, science fiction, and fantasy. Originally from the Vermont, I transplanted West to Arizona. Maybe someday I’ll return to the East Coast area. I enjoy a close and loving family relationship my wife, my children, grandchildren, and my siblings. I published two novels through Amazon, Codename Poltergeist: Some call him a ghost and Heads or Tails You’re Gone.

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