Grumpy Bad Boy Santa

By Aria McDow

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He’s a hot, grumpy mall Santa. He’s also the man I love and wrongly convicted. Some loves never get a second chance…unless you're both on the naughty list.

It was my job as assistant district attorney to help prosecute the man I loved.

He said he didn’t do it.

The evidence said he did.

I thought I was doing the right thing. But two years after his release, I found out I made a terrible mistake.

Nick Kelly’s innocent, and I'm the one who has to tell him.

He's back in town, working as a mall Santa. And he's not happy to see me.

One look at Nick’s glaring hazel eyes, rugged good looks, and broad-shouldered,
perfectly-muscled body and I realize everything my heart and body have always wanted is in front of me.

Between us stands his bitterness, and my district attorney career ambition.

But I'm determined to make things right. Even if it means spending the holiday with my only love- the one man I've hurt the most.

It’s gonna take a Christmas miracle to help us forgive and find the love we were always meant to have.

Author Aria McDow

Aria McDow is an author bringing contemporary romances to readers who love stories featuring hot as all get-out men who have just that right mix of power, charisma, and hidden vulnerability, and sassy, smart women who turn their worlds upside down. Aria is an angst junkie who believes in true love. Whether a billionaire, professor, or grumpy boss, every book is guaranteed a happy ending and readers will enjoy a rich, bumpy ride to get there. Aria lives in Virginia and started her own love affair with romance books when she read them clandestinely in middle school.

She enjoys travel, drawing and hanging upside from rollercoasters. The best part of life is being retired from the military and having time to create as well as enjoy her family, especially her new grandbaby.

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