GOD’S LOVE MYSTERY: The Purpose For Everything

By David Carley

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Have you ever wondered about the answer to any of the questions below? Find the answers to these and many other questions in God’s Love Mystery: The Purpose For Everything.
• What existed prior to the beginning of time?
• Why was the universe created?
• What is God’s love mystery?
• What are the seven stages of God’s love mystery?
• Where do humanoids and dinosaurs fit into history?
• Why were you born?
• What is truth?
• Why does God allow evil to exist?
• Did the Christian Church fall from grace into legalism?
• What is the true gospel?
• Where is the best Church for you?
• Was the Old Testament God vengeful or loving?
• Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?
• Will all mankind eventually be in heaven?
• Is accepting Christ necessary for salvation?
• What is prophesied to occur in the immediate future?

Author David Carley

After 35 years in the Worldwide Church of God (WCG), David resigned after coming to a realization that he had spent his youth following after a wrong gospel in oppressive legalism. When He left the WCG, he had served as one of their pastors for about 25 years in churches in Oklahoma, Colorado, North Carolina, and Texas. He holds a Master's in Agency Counseling. At 75 David serves as one of two shepherds at the Grace and Truth Church in Cordell, Oklahoma. This book is born out of David’s desire to help others in avoiding the extremes of legalism and universalism to find a proper balance in the heart of the true gospel of Christ. Only then can true freedom, peace, love, and joy as God intended be experienced in a Christian’s life.

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