FREE: Tuppence: A Fairy Tale Retelling by E.S. Barrison

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06/07/2022 – 06/08/2022

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A farmgirl. A goat.
And a song that will change her life.

Her whole life, Tuppence has dreamt of leaving the hillside to make a life in the Kingdom. When the King hosts a Grand Ball, she finally sees a way out, only to have her dreams squashed by her bitter mother and two sisters, Uma and Tertia.

With only a goat and her gift of song, Tuppence begins to develop her own plan to escape…only to discover the true nature of the Kingdom beneath the Hill.

Inspired by the Grimm Fairy Tale, One-Eye, Two Eyes, and Three-Eyes, with a touch of Cinderella, venture from the hillside with Tuppence and her sisters to discover where true magic lies.

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