FREE: The Analyst: Gay Romance Men by Milo Wursten

The Analyst (Gay Sea Stories): Milo Wursten.

A young professor in his mid-30s obsessed with disproving conspiracies and proving the laws of nature sets out to disprove the existence of a merman in a rural region in Brazil. He soon finds that the people of this region revere this creature as a savior and so he decides to seek the creature out himself. He soon discovers that not only are mermen real but they possess the most enchanting and alluring physiques of any creature known to man. After a night of inconceivable and unforgettable intimacy with the creature, he finds himself returning to the sea time and time again with hope for one more night of intimacy…

Adult Content Advisory. This story contains adult language as well as erotic and sexually explicit descriptions of male-male sex and episodes of gay group sex. Ultimately, if you are a fan of adult websites such as then this story is perfect for you. Correspondingly, it is meant only for adults who are interested in this type of material for reading or listening in jurisdictions where its sale and enjoyment do not violate any local laws.

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03/20/2019 – 03/21/2019

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