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04/11/2022 – 04/13/2022

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When the legendary realm of Avalon disappears into the mist, it leaves behind a powerful and dangerous legacy of curses invoked in the heat of anger and passion. The words of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake have faded to a mere whisper over the centuries, yet their power remains strong and deadly.

Gavin and Tamara are thrust together when they discover journals written by their ancestors and embark on a search for the truth of the curses. Fate and circumstances put them in the path of a dangerous opponent, the Dark Lady, Morganna, who seeks to claim the power of the Sword Excalibur for herself. Unaware that a blood sacrifice is needed to activate the power of the sword, Gavin and Tamara find themselves in a race against evil to defeat Morganna and save themselves.

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