SWEET ON YOU–A Second-Chances Spicy Romance by Janet Wellington

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02/12/2015 – 02/16/2015

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Gabe Freeman never thought it was a good idea. When Celeste Parker’s Celestial Cookies was chosen to promote Valentine’s Day at the oldies radio station with deliveries of her gourmet cookies, the handsome deejay was dismayed to learn that he was part of the package…and what’s with those amazing cookies anyway…and why is their sugar and spice aroma affecting him like truth serum!?

And why on earth is Gabe fantasizing about Celeste, with her wild curls and multi-colored fingernails? He’s supposed to be planning his June wedding to the boss’s suitable conservative daughter. True, the marriage is more accurately a business merger, but that’s fine with sensible Gabe. After all, he’s never believed in true love and romance…

Celeste meets Gabe on her fortieth birthday, of all days! Sure, he’s cute, but he’s just another rat in the rat race and she’s had quite enough of that kind of man, thank you very much. But, is he? The man seems to be changing before her eyes, and why does he seem to be having fun spending time with her and riding around in her cookie-mobile?

Maybe this buttoned up guy isn’t quite what he seems to be. And maybe she’s ready to share some secrets of her own…if her heart is ready, that is…

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