FREE: Stuck With The Billionaire Best Man by Bertie Stein

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12/23/2023 – 12/24/2023

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Dustin Crochet is my brother's best friend and best man who made 6th grade absolutely miserable for me.

Two decades later he is still obnoxious, arrogant, pompous and downright rude…to me.

He still gets to me…now in a grown up way too, that makes my knees go week and my palms sweat.

Dustin sees me as a nerdy environmental zealot, but the only thing green he knows and loves are his precious billions.

Now my rival on a recycling issue, my blog has the potential to ruin his career.

Surviving four days entangled with this infuriating opportunist…impossible!

Keeping the peace with Dustin Crochet won't be easy, but fighting my true feelings for him will be even harder.

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