FREE: Split City: A Jesus Spares Mystery by Andy Straka

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03/03/2022 – 03/04/2022

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"Will delight readers…a powerful story of adversity, small-town politics, and a search for truth and community tempered by surprising twists and turns." – Midwest Book Review

"I see a TV series future. A great read and a sure winner!" – Readers Favorite

Murder sees double when former pro bowler Billy Gills finds himself summoned to the Partridgeberry County morgue to identify the body of his identical twin brother Bo. Billy is the proprietor of Split City Lanes, a classic hometown bowling alley, located in the charmingly rundown, lakeside town of Twin Strikes. Partridgeberry and Twin Strikes are peopled by a hearty band of oddball characters—an unlikely setting for murder. But Bo is the founder of TreadBo, a successful specialty bowling shoe manufacturer; he is famous for his quirky sense of fashion, fitness fanaticism, and unusual hobbies, which may have gotten him into trouble. Not to mention, Billy has some demons of his own to slay. Fortunately, Split City Lanes is also home to "Jesus Spares", a church service, bowling, and social gathering where almost anything can happen. Billy may need every ounce of faith he has to discover the truth about himself and his eccentric twin brother.

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