FREE: Shake Your Moneymaker by Kris Eton

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03/25/2022 – 03/29/2022

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When a man in a clown mask and holding a gun shows up at Candace Kane's bank, she knows she chose the wrong day to deposit her bartending tips. Taken captive by the bank robber, she discovers she's attracted to the brute and finds herself in a compromising position. But can she believe his wild stories about love, murder, and coyote shapeshifters?

Sam Daughtry is a man on a mission. The bank robbery is all a ploy to get back at the man who killed his shapeshifter mate. What he didn't count on was sexy Candy and her irresistible scent. Although he'd vowed revenge for his mate's death, he finds a reason to hope he might just find love again…with a human.

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