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01/19/2023 – 01/23/2023

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A fast-paced journey on an emotional roller coaster, bursting with political and sexual passions.

It’s the late 1960s. The Vietnam War, the Antiwar Movement and the Black Power Movement are rushing toward their explosive peaks. In the midst of this charged environment, an inter-racial pair of young activists fall madly in love. Awaiting them are excitement, danger, heartache and redemption.

RIOT: A 1960s Love Story chronicles these lovers’ challenging journey: their coming of age amidst an unpopular war, a racially polarized city, a hostile mayor and ever-mounting threats, all while working through their own deep psychological issues.

1968 is marked by campus unrest, urban rebellions and assassinations, as well as political violence that thrusts the duo into clashes with Chicago’s police and the National Guard. The suspense builds breathlessly to a heartrending climax during the street protests surrounding that summer’s Democratic National Convention.

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