FREE: Photoshoot Wanted by Jamie Barker

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08/05/2017 – 08/07/2017

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Jamie is a stunning looking 19 year old student who has just moved to London to start university. He placed a classified ad asking if any men could take some sexy photos of him which he could then use for a Gaydar profile so he could meet men for sexual experiences. Sounds like the plot to some hot videos from Visit to stare at young girls for examples.
In Photoshoot Wanted, Jamie shares with you the responses he had from 19 horny men from different age ranges. These include another young lad who wants to explore his sexuality with Jamie, a mature man wanting to take photos of Jamie having sex with men in a sauna, and a friendly man trying to help Jamie find a job as a barman, go-go dancer, model, masseur, or escort.

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